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On blackest night, a small group of cloaked figures scale the castle walls with a single goal in mind: to relieve the castle of all its treasures. Alas, there is no honour among thieves, and soon they'll find it's every animal for themselves…

Round Robbin’ is a medieval heist-em-up where up to four players compete to see who can nab the most treasure before time runs out.


RoundRobbin.zip 33 MB
070922.zip 33 MB
071122 Playbox Work Day 1.zip 33 MB


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Hey, loved playing your game, one thing i would like to see is item switching with the d pad on controllers and better indicators of what treasure is, otherwise its an amazing game

Another thing that might be good to add is a glowing outline around the players in their colour, to make it easier to see who's who and to make the players stand out more.

Also nerf shurikan